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What needs to be known is that, the moment threats gain a toehold it will then pivot
itself to other part of the system thus increasing the impact to the organization.

Guarding Services

+/- 24 Hours Security Guarding
Armed Guards
Undercover Operations
Technical Services
CCTV installations
Access Control systems
We offer ffective security solutions for:
Financial Sector
Health Facilities
Educational institutions
Mining Sector
Shopping Malls
Hospitality Industry


Our employees go through a thorough screening system before they are posted for
deployment. In the course of probation they are evaluated for their ability to comply with
the organization’s requirements, essential task requirements and customer
Assessing physical ability, mental ability, communication skills and personal documents
of the incumbent helps us to understand the person we are to engage. All those who
are found to be fitting will be vetted through the Bureau before they sign contracts of
employment. Previous employment checks. The employees who would have passed all
the selection process will be employed.


After all the screening is done incumbents undergo a rigorous training on basic security,
customer service and then specialized training depending on the area they are to be
All this is done to make sure that our clients get excellent services and as well sufficing
standards for security operations. Our operations and strategic security plans therefore
focus on providing adequate and relevant resources which comply with contractrequirements. Fielding of the best security forces to provide adequate coverage to the

Security Management Plan

Making the facilities the least attractive target possible for attack is one of our
objectives. We maintain a range of security measures that meet excellent protection of
all assets or resources. Our services are managed and delivered to ensure a total
protective system is achieved. We train, dress, equip, deploy and supervise our guards
to meet the contract requirements and expectations and as well encompassing risk
mitigation objectives in the process. Compliance to quality and contract requirements
will be our great focus in our management plan.
We also evaluate the performance of the security survey and take action to improve
their effectiveness at the facility. Resources optimization.
We take into consideration all aspects critical to security management of particular
facility in order to coordinate the protective measures with the business management of
that organization. The two systems will be linked to form a holistic security system.

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