be sure you are safe

We believe that proper security comprise of physical, technical and administrative controls. We provide integrated security solutions with the capability to eliminate real world threats.

With the magnitude of crimes, we are there to assist clients in building robust security
systems which when maintained becomes bulwarks of growth and success. Throughout
the years we have mastered the concept of providing exceptional services.
Our thrust is on seeking continuous client feedback which is key to our quest for
continuous improvement.



To be recognised as highly innovative and dynamic organisation to the extent of expanding our services to become the leading providers within the nation.


Effective delivery of high standard security services through commitment to specialised customer service and affordable comprehensive security solutions.


We believe in offering best quality and standard services that effect as they appeal with the lasting impression fostering on long term clientele relationship.

Growth drivers

Continuous improvement
Quality oriented

With our security in depth approach to protection, we make sure that your facility is the
least attractive target possible for threat attempt.

Magsafe will implement all protection strategies, supportive frameworks available to
reduce risks and countermeasures which are designed to commensurate with the types
of threats to the facility. We are there to make your life easier as we respond quickly
and appropriately to your needs.

Customer Service

We are ready to walk hundreds of miles with our customers in their shoes. Magsafe
ensures that compliance with the customers’ requirements is met as expected. With the
concept of doing it right the first time and an understanding that there is no second
chance to make the first impression we apply ourselves to building customer loyalty
through excellent customer service.
We take responsibility to the behavior of our employees, therefore we make sure that all
our staff is properly trained in all job aspects including customer service.
Notwithstanding, there is a dedicated customer service team to give attention to your
Magsafe values both internal and external clients and ensures that they are satisfied by
what we offer. We offer profound services which you will appreciate after engaging us
and then you will realize our exceptional capabilities in protection systems.

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