be sure you are safe

About Us

Magsafe Security is a registered security services provider according to the laws of
Zimbabwe. We were incorporated in 2015 and we operate from the commercial capital
of the Republic of Zimbabwe.
The company is owned by young, vibrant, visionary and business minded people. The
Magsafe directors are experts in the security field who desire to see clients getting what
they need and deserve concerning security services.

Why us?

Magsafe will focus on security operations and management in order to achieve
business excellence always. We make sure that we provide our clients with security
solutions that are effective in deterring exploitation by removing or resolving
Provision of realistic and pragmatic customer requirements through our ability to assess
and mitigate risks through experience, diversity of skills and dynamic approach to your
security challenges.

  1. Customized services and onsite quality inspection
  2. Affordable and flexible pricing
  3. Personalized contract management
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